SuperGoop Product Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of collaborating with my friend Jenny at her studio in Oakland. We wanted to explore more lifestyle photography using products for social promotions. The outcome was super fun. 

I managed creative direction and set design/prop styling while Jenny photographed and focused on lighting. 

I then took the final selects she uploaded and cropped, retouched and edited in VSCO. These are my edits! 

 Some Behind the Scenes

Some Behind the Scenes


A satire case-study of an unwanted desk

On my way to the gym earlier this afternoon, I came upon a study desk that was meant to be given for free on the side of the road. 

I then jokingly sent a curated shot to my friend Jonathan, who's an aspiring furniture collector and overall consultant for good taste. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.31.54 PM.png

The thought then occurred to me: could I in fact, increase the value of this desk just by selling it in a different manner? 

I jokingly began to attribute the design to cultural phenomenon's within the past few decades. DADAism was an art movement of the 30's that framed commonplace items on pedestals as art. 

NormCore is a fashion movement that's prevalent to this day, playing fun at "Dad" aesthetic and basics in a stylish form. 


In what manner could I style this desk so that it could be considered a valuable addition to the right aesthetic? Definitely gave me something to think about. 


I've made a vision board for a college-student study room. To be honest, I wouldn't be mad about it! 


Netflix creative

The past few months have been a whirlwind of finding work that inspires me. I've been so fortunate to connect on some freelance projects with Netflix, specifically around E-Commerce. This gave me an opportunity to study the key art and mad skill/detail behind all the comps!

Some of the iterations I sent over. 


Producing music | 3D Rendering

I did a thing. Something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s hard. It’s challenging, but I love it. I want to get better at it. 

1.I got to learn how to produce and record tracks with the amazing Corey at @jetmusicrecordings.
2.I’ve been practicing 3D Animation this weekend.
3.This is a 15 second clip of the song, and the creative I made. 

 ^ Full version 

ORANGE - Photo Retouching

This past week I had the pleasure of working with Timothy Ragan at Orange Furniture in Beverly Hills. I shadowed him for the day to better understand retail management and what it takes to run an independent business. 

There was major alignment in my personality traits of wearing multiple hats. I respect the work ethic Tim has, and the attention to detail and perfection he brings to each task. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces I assisted with. Most of the work involved errands for the space and photo retouching/consulting for product presentation.

 Before and After retouching Environment. Can't tamper with the products because necessity of showcasing vintage pieces "As Is"

Before and After retouching Environment. Can't tamper with the products because necessity of showcasing vintage pieces "As Is"

Custom Furniture Design

Came across this gem from 2012.
My good friend Andrea was starting their custom furniture company, and I had the pleasure of designing some pieces they were requesting for a client. The aesthetic was old-world morrocco. 

I was really happy with the concept.



Update: Hi, It's Me.

Update: figured out the export for video. Now I just need to research render quality and how to scale up creative. But very excited for this next step in learning! 



Hi, It's Me.

After exploring two separate tutorials, I decided to render my own frankenstein composition. Here's the result. 

Unfortunately, I had to do a hack job of exporting because I'm working on the demo version of C4D, and my trial expired. 

Tomorrow I'll try and get the trial version again and see how it looks. 


Mood Board

One exercise I find comfort in is coming up with mood boards. In my quiet time last night, I thought of brands and artists that inspire me. This is the concept board I came up with.

From left to right: 
Rodarte, Chloe x Halle, Beyonce, Gucci, Solange, Dev Hynes, Amber Mark, Sabrina Claudio, Chloé logo, Anthropologie windows, Kenzo logo, Disney Coco, Chanel, CB2, Restoration Hardware, Mcdonald's, Wes Anderson, Paddington 2, Ace Hotel, Grizzly Bear


Opendoor WineDown

A fun project I got to work on: Posters for internal marketing use for a friday Karaoke WineDown. I was inspired by Jonathan adler's Parker in Palm Springs and Saul Bass's bold contrast and simplicity. 



Connected Home - Opendoor Hack Week

A few months ago, Opendoor had a designated hack week for employees to participate in. This was my group's project—a comprehensive study on a theoretical "Opendoor Smart Home," designed by an executive, designer (me), and engineers. 

This was the video and presentation I designed: 



Kelly Wearstler Logo - A Case Study

Kelly Wearstler is the mogul of midcentury modernism and a new-age luxury icon. 

I was so inspired by her work, I wanted to see if I could rejuvenate the logo's brand to emulate more of the flare referenced in her furniture and aesthetic.

Simultaneously, I've begun reading "Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors & Students" to strengthen my skills in typography and layout design. I wanted to reference my newfound learnings into a side project. 


 Current identity

Current identity

 Mood board, color palette, and my favorite signature images for reference

Mood board, color palette, and my favorite signature images for reference

 Logo inspiration and style referenced

Logo inspiration and style referenced

 My strength in style referenced for rendering

My strength in style referenced for rendering

 Current work in progress

Current work in progress

Although not yet finished, I wanted to reflect the original style and balance of the current logo, especially the cross flare in the "w". However, I also wanted to bring in the asymmetrical curves and softness that so many of Wearstler's pieces have. I plan to extend the bowl of the e's, to give the "e" more of an even "o" shape, and even out the taper at the end of the flares in the "KW."

Sunday afternoon at the apartment.

"It's not much, but it's home"

I felt compelled to share my space today. I'm in the midst of doing laundry and eating breakfast, and it's still a work in apologies for the lack of polish!

 Breakfast by the bay windows

Breakfast by the bay windows

 The living area

The living area

 I love the open kitchen floor plan, makes the cozy space very livable

I love the open kitchen floor plan, makes the cozy space very livable

 The hallway

The hallway

 The bedroom, in it's crooked panoramic glory! 

The bedroom, in it's crooked panoramic glory! 

 Hallway, by the Laundry room

Hallway, by the Laundry room

 The bathroom

The bathroom

Playing with sketch design

Still exploring design techniques and options. I pulled a sketch I did as a self-portrait of myself from a sketchbook I kept back in 2014 and worked on texture/painting techniques. Here is the final result.