Hi there,

It’s been a while. I’ve been focusing on studies and freelance work lately, and enjoying the warm summer days through daily runs, and experimenting in the kitchen.

I wanted to share some of the freelance work I’ve been doing with Eaze. I’m really happy with the work so far.

Designed my first billboards, which were featured in Silverlake and Venice!

Designed my first billboards, which were featured in Silverlake and Venice!

I designed a carousel social promo for instagram to run a campaign for Outside Lands tickets

I designed a carousel social promo for instagram to run a campaign for Outside Lands tickets

Ran a social promotional campaign for Eaze’s Birthday Summer Celebration. Some of the Creative I did.

Ran a social promotional campaign for Eaze’s Birthday Summer Celebration. Some of the Creative I did.

Update to NAB Booth Concept

Update: We won best in show at NAB Event. Humbled by the award—the team worked really hard on this and I’m so proud to have been a part of that experience!


It’s coming along…looking forward to fabrication. And really excited about the merchandise :)


Frame.io Creative

There have been a slew of creative projects for Frame.io that I have yet to share. But here are a few that I was really excited about.

Grid View States Copy 4.png

Image exploration for brand. I had to source images that best represented the brand style and cinematic approach we were going for, specifically around UI tutorial flows.


Preliminary renderings and concept for Frame.io’s modular booth for events. There’s a whole deck and renditions of illustrations I’d love to share, but I have to hold off until final concepts are ready to present.

Coming Soon


Portfolio and Works on social.

25 Minute Design Sprint

I’ve started a new process of blocking out my days with various initiatives, that I tackle within 25 minute sprints and 5 minute breaks in between, courtesy of my marketing manager’s suggestion.

I’m also currently reading “Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days” to teach me how to effectively work out creative solutions to problems and initiatives.

Today I decided to do an arbitrary creative within 25 mins.

First: I sketched a concept out:

Then, I transferred the idea to Photoshop and built it out in black and white.

Next came the color exploration. To be honest, I wasn’t really happy with the comp.


Finally, I re-reinterpreted the original concept and made it more abstract, focusing on the areas of the design that I liked the most.


While I love the color, composition, balance and texture, I find the piece too abstract and lacking narrative.
I imagine the next step would be to instill meaning and make the piece more intentional.

Key takeaways: I love the texture treatments happening here, the color study, and the balance. I’m curious what this exploration would look like a second time around.

Design Week Recap

This weekend I got to unwind and catch up with myself after an intense week at work. 


We launched workflow guide, which was an ambitious project led by the marketing team and took about five months to produce. While we’re still tinkering with some refinements, the product is available and it was exciting to see all the positive reviews.

I played a role in building brand elements, brand style-guide, and social collateral for the site.

wfg_announcement_headerpreview (1).jpg
10 -iPhone XS Clay Isometric Right.jpg

So when I got to relax this weekend, I unfortunately didn’t take advantage of the time to design, but sketched more. I also wrote a list of things I love but I’m ashamed to admit.

I’ve been watching the new season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and I love it. It’s just great eye candy and fun banter. So far my favorite episode has been the catskills.


I also got to see Spider-Man into the spider verse which really inspired me from a branding perspective to see how someone can take an icon so preserved in time and warp it into a completely new and refreshing concept while still paying homage to the origin. I aspire to become that strong in my artistry. Plus the visuals and music were so satisfying.


Sunday, to avoid the rain, I went to the Mickey exhibit with Tym. It was fun, but not worth the fee, and felt a little forced in pushing visitors to photograph...maybe it wasn’t meant for me?

The exhibition lacked creativity and the narrative was too redundant. Felt a little lazy. Nothing spectacular. I did appreciate the merch room though for research purposes in regards to Frame.io initiatives.

Which reminds me. I got to do some research on brand strategies and some of the brands in our industry that inspire me.


I also believe that Spotify and Uber’s brand case studies are really solid and help build a framework around how I’d like to move forward with Frame.io’s brand update. Well worth the read. One of my favorite insights in Uber’s case study was the composition “u” feature used for visuals. So simple but striking. 

Currently re-reading The Velvet Rage as a self-help book, which really gets me thinking about how I often avoid “Shame” by closing myself off from others in terms of sharing creative or my ambitions.

How can I overcome that obstacle and motivate myself to be more open about the things that I’m interested in, or push myself to share more of my interests and work?

Hence this post. Thank you for reading, and I hope I’ve encouraged or inspired you to create and find things that moves you throughout your day.



Astronautica Album Launch Party

Last week, I was fortunate to go to Edrina's launch party for the album release, Death Valley. Here was the promo animation invite I designed for the event. 

The Story version on Instagram

Edrina and Me at the Ace Hotel!&nbsp;

Edrina and Me at the Ace Hotel! 

Dogs Doing Drag Logo Design

Dogs Doing Drag is a parody instagram handle of RuPaul's Drag Race allowing users to share pictures of their dogs in drag. 

I had the pleasure of designing a logo that paid homage to the show but had it's own distinguished identity. 

Here's the presentation deck and final design!


OnePlus Creative Exploration

I was invited by OnePlus to explore some creative asks in regards to the brand identity. There were three parts to this exercise.

1: OnePlus would release a new pair of earbuds called Vapors and required digital promos to advertise with the brand lockup. Here were my explorations and mood board based on previous OnePlus marketing and the brand guidelines.  


2: OnePlus is launching a collaboration with Arc'teryx and requires social creative to promote both brands together, with respect to both identities and lockups, create a promotion to excite users. 

My goal for this creative was to keep it simple and timeless like the Arc'teryx brand and evoke the dramatic color of mountains and wilderness at a premium scale. I also wanted to bring in subtle motion and sound. 

3: OnePlus is launching a VR sect to the company called "Very Reality." Explore some logos and showcase concept from sketches to final design. Full Presentation here


Astronautica Brand Guidelines: A Beginning

As I've been developing Astronautica's identity and brand revision, I've started implementing some guidelines around the logo and brand process for prospective collaborations with other vendors (particularly around merchandising and promotional flyers). 

It's still a work in progress. I hope to implement a page for typography, and then scenarios of "Do's and Don'ts"

Here's what I have so far. 


Astronautica Logo Redesign

I have some amazing friends who continue to inspire me and motivate me to be the best version of myself at all times. Edrina, aka, Astronautica, has been one of those pals for a long time. I had the pleasure of designing her first logo back in 2010, which, in hindsight, wasn't my best work. The pen tool was everywhere, but the concept and heart of it were present.


Eventually, thankfully, Edrina had the logo revamped with another colleague. The outcome looked pretty great and still had the heart of the logo intact. 


I sat with Edrina and we discussed a new concept. She wanted to rebrand in alignment with the launch of her new album that's scheduled to come out soon. I had her build a vision board to share creative that inspired her for the project, so I had a better grasp at the aesthetic she was seeking to build. 


The graphics were predominantly bold, geometric yet fluid. Lots of thin lines and strokes in a consolidated object, and a lot of graphics from the 80's and bauhaus aesthetic.

So I built a presentation to showcase my vision for her as well as sketched comps to discuss which direction to proceed with. 


Of the dozen or so sketches, these were the ones Edrina was most excited to move forward with.


So I did a first quick round of vector design on the six, and we decided to refine the one below! 


Further refining and polishing...


I began to explore color and form a little more, to exhaust all angles and opportunities in this narrative. Emphasizing the "A" motif in the tablet, exploring subtle rounded corners and layout of the typeface. Eventually I moved into converting "Gotham" font in alignment to the sketch, as Gotham had the balance of futura, but was more narrow and contemporary to work with. 


I brought the "NASA" logo back in for reference and inspiration. I loved the abstract galaxy shapes and wanted to see how I could implement a "ring" or space element of some sort to enhance the "A" motif in the icon.


These were the presented comps. Edrina and I decided we loved the stroke ring around the "A" motif, and I like how the abstraction became a thumbprint, to symbolize her fingers on the vinyl as she remixes/produces her tracks. We reverted back to the powder royal blue, because of it's high frequency color and how well it works with teals, purples and pinks...the color story we aspire to create for the brand. 


My next plan of the project is to begin building the merchandise and design collateral around this new identity! I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I'm so excited to polish the type even further to explore blowing it up in bigger poster sizes.

Stay tuned!

SuperGoop Product Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of collaborating with my friend Jenny at her studio in Oakland. We wanted to explore more lifestyle photography using products for social promotions. The outcome was super fun. 

I managed creative direction and set design/prop styling while Jenny photographed and focused on lighting. 

I then took the final selects she uploaded and cropped, retouched and edited in VSCO. These are my edits! 

Some Behind the Scenes

Some Behind the Scenes